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A IPPNW, IALANA e IPB il premio “Haas Peace Award”

5 novembre 2010 Pubblicato da roberto

Dal nostro Socio Michele Di Paolantonio riceviamo queste Good News. La premiazione avverrà a Filadelfia il prossimo 8 novembre.

A IPPNW, l’organizzazione mondiale dei medici contro la guerra nucleare, IALANA, l’associazione dei giuristi contro le armi nucleari, e a IPB stesso, vanno le nostre più vive congratulazioni!

IPPNW to share Haas peace award

IPPNW, the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms (IALANA) and the International Peace Bureau (IPB) will receive the John and Chara Haas Award for International Peace and Social Justice on November 8, 2010, at the Nuclear Futures Conference in Philadelphia.
The Haas award, sponsored by the Project for Nuclear Awareness, is being given to the three organizations for their work on the World Court Project and “for their joint efforts to establish global consensus on the illegality of nuclear weapons.”
The World Court Project was a worldwide campaign that resulted in an historic 1996 advisory opinion about the illegality of nuclear weapons from the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The ICJ concluded that the threat or use of nuclear weapons is generally illegal under International Humanitarian Law, and that states have an obligation to conclude negotiations on a global nuclear disarmament agreement to bring about their elimination.
According to PNA executive director Ed Aguilar, this year’s award is being given to the World Court Project “and those who participated as well in the drafting of the Model Nuclear Weapons Convention… to commemorate and honor the fact that the NWC and its basis in the ICJ Opinion of 1996 have been endorsed by the UN Secretary General and many nations since 2008, and in the NPT Review this May in New York.”
The previous recipients of the Haas Award, which honors those who have spent a lifetime in the cause of peace, safeguarding the environment, and in helping to reduce and end nuclear weapons, were author Jonathan Schell (2008) and Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission chair Hans Blix (2009).

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Joint Statement on Gaza

9 giugno 2010 Pubblicato da roberto

Da Michele Di Paolantonio, presidente della sezione italiana di IPPNW, riceviamo questo comunicato. E’ una dichiarazione congiunta dalle organizzazioni “parallele” di IPPNW rappresentanti i medici israeliani e palestinesi impegnati verso pace e disarmo.

Anche da essi una ferma condanna dell’aggressione alle navi che portavano aiuti a Gaza.

Joint Statement on the Armed Assault on Ships to Gaza

Palestinian Physicians For the Prevention of Nuclear War (PPPNW) and the Israeli Physicians For Peace and the Preservation Of The Environment (IPPPE), Affiliates of International Physicians For the Prevention of Nuclear War,
Agree as follows:

Our two organizations condemn the armed assault in international waters on ships carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza and deplore the resulting loss of lives.

As physicians on both sides, we agree that the health of the population of Gaza is of deep concern and that medical aid is urgently needed.
We are calling for an international inquiry into this incident, and an immediate end to the blockade of Gaza.

We call upon the Israeli and the Palestinian leaders to enter into serious negotiations in goodwill to find a nonviolent, peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Dr. Abdelaziz Alabadi, MD — President, PPPNW, Palestine
Prof. Ernesto Kahan M.D. — President and Councilor, IPPPE, Israel
Dr. Mustafa Ghanim, MD, PhD— External Relations, PPPNW, Palestine
Dr. Ra’anan Friedmann M.D., Ph.D. — Vice President, Vice Councilor and Spokesman, IPPPE, Israel

Fonte: http://peaceandhealthblog.com/

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17 dicembre 2009 Pubblicato da roberto

Mazzarino (CL), Italy, november, 27th, 2009

International Conference: “Peace is in our hands”


Michele Di Paolantonio, MD, President of IPPNW Italy, Peace Prized Nobel 1985 Organization (michele.dipaolantonio@katamail.com)

Mr. Iranians and Italians Mayors for Peace, Authorities, Misses and Misters, I thought to treat the following argument to try to give the most possible productive and useful contribution to the works of this international Conference. We are in the hearth of the Mediterranean Region, and in the world’s agenda the problem of Iranian nuclear power is crucial. Therefore I would like to try to give the same kind of knowledge that twentyfive years ago I gave in Helsinki, to a path for peace and nuclear disarmament that developed quickly some month later, soon after that USA and USSR, in the Summit in Geneva between Reagan and Gorbaciov on November, 7th, 1985, agreed only and rapidly on a unique point; the existence of the concept of “Unintentional Nuclear War”, in other words for technical or human mistakes.

After the foundation of the Italian Section of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), the organization founded by three eminent sovietician medical doctors and three eminent american medical doctors in the extreme chance to develop a dialogue between USA and USSR in the core of the nuclear arms race and of the Cold War, I was sent to London, to the most important strategic centre of the western world by my italian University, the University for Studies of Bologna, to develop a thesis of specialization in Preventive Medicine focusing the nuclear military risk that came as a black cloud on my nation and my people for the deployment even in Italy, and specifically just here, in Sicily, at Comiso, of american nuclear euromissiles Cruise, answering to the deployment towards Western Europe of sovietician nuclear euromissiles SS20.

The target of that thesis was to understand the kind of most effective and possible answer to avoid the risk.

I knew in London that the NATO, with complex instruments of Elint, Electronic Intelligence, in other words electronic espionage, had known that sovietician Mig airplanes, leaving from lybic airbases, and flying in the international air space upon the Sicily Channel, made photos of each part of the Sicily’s ground, to check and localize every TEL, Transporters Erectors Launchers, in other words the jant american military trucksequipped with mobile system to launch each four nuclear Cruise missiles. In Comiso, in fact, arrived, at the end of 1983, 112 Cruise missiles, deployed on 28 jant truchs TEL. The sovietician action trended to find every truck TEL to shut it further selectively with nuclearheads vehicoled by missiles SS20, but this temptative, I knew during my journej to London, was unuseful, because the necessary technical time to use the information, in other words the time between the moment of aerial photo and the missile’s arrival on that site was six hours, therefore in six hours the truck TEL, in the photo there, should have been moved in every other part of the island. They explaned me in London that the kind of attack waited on Sicily in case of a nuclear war scenario should have been determined by the (I never more will forget it!) “capacity of disabiliting” of the nuclear system Cruise: a massive nuclear attack against the island, with a number of nuclear warheads between 80 and 200, depending by the possible use of thermonuclear bombs of 1 Megaton or 150 kilotons, in other words bombs of different size. I must remember that the small bombs, 150 kilotons, were equivalent, each, to near 10 bombs of Hiroshima, of 1 Megaton, were equivalent, each, to near 80 bombs of Hiroshima. Only in this way sovieticians, launching a third of their SS20 vehicles on Sicily, should have destroyed 112 Cruise missiles here deployed.

Well, when, in June 1984, in Helsinki, I showed my thesis and its conclusions in the workshop on Strategies for the Prevention of Nuclear War, at the IV World Congress of IPPNW, happened an extraordinary event: the whole discussion was developed about my thesis. Other than these informations, all the participants were shocked by something else, much more warrying, that I had found and that I showed: the concept of Unintentional Nuclear War.

In fact I had reached in my thesis the knowledge that on june, 4th, 1980, the nuclear war had began and ended in 15 minutes without the launch of missiles, when at the General Command of Defense of the United States, the NORAD, the main computer showed on monitors the arrival of an intercontinental balistic attack from the Soviet Union. The men of NORAD needed 15 minutes to discover the mistake. If that mistake could have happened in Europe, where a sovietician euromissiles SS20 or an american Pershing II should have reached in only 12 minutes their target the nuclear could have started even by a mistake. Between those persons that were earing me was also a great man: Pavel Palachenko, in other words the man that in the following months was chosen by Reagan and Gorbaciov as their unique interpeter in their talks that brought them in two years to agree to dismantle the intermediate nuclear missiles from Europe.

After Helsinki and our workshop, and after the common acceptance of the concept of unintentional nuclear war in the technical protocol of agreement of the Summit Reagan-Gorbaciov, interpreted by Pave, of November, 7th, 1985 in Geneva, I myself gave on December, 12, 1985, in Oslo, to the Italian Ambassador in Norway, in occasion of my participation at the ceremony of giving of the Peace Prize Nobel 1985, informations about that protocol. After that, I met again Pavel in Moscow, at the end of may 1987, in occasion of the World Congress of IPPNW, two days before the Reagan Gorbaciov signing of the INF Treaty about the Intermediate Nuclear Forces, that dismantled even the Cruises missiles from Sicily, and we greeten kindly each other. But I felt the most great pleasure and proudness in Rome, at the IV Summit of Peace Prized Nobel Laureates, in November 2003, when, met again Pavel, near Gorbaciov, whose he is the Special Advisor, after 15 years since then, I could see with happiness that he remembered very well the work made together in Helsinki in June 1984, before the Peace Prize Nobel given to my organization, and before the dismantelling from Europe of the intermediate nuclear missiles.

Dearest friends, I am telling you this my personal experience, hoping that those prudent and long seeing choices that had been made in 1987 in Europe dismantelling the euromissiles and saving a continent could be useful to your cities, to your citizens, to your government, to your nation. Today is not possible anymore the development of new national nuclear arsenals, even if is a right of each nation to search and to develop energy from civil nuclearpower plants. Facing the existing alert in the world against new nuclear proliferation the national proudness of a government or of a people must leave the way to the prudence of a good father of family, as well as each Mayor, all over the world, should be. Finally, allow me to greet the Mayor of Halabja, that knew the horror of the use of chemical weapons of mass destruction against his citizens only twenty years ago, and that we thank warmly having accepted again the invitation to be with all of us.

Have you a good work, dearest Iranians Mayors, wishing you to can tell your success, for your Country and for the world, in defending peace, Not Nuclear Proliferation, and the solution of the racing international crisis about the Iran’s Nuclear Power in the next World Congress of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War that we will held in Switzerland, in Basel, next august.

Peace is in our hands.

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Speech by Mayors of Pineto and Silvi in Mazzarino

17 dicembre 2009 Pubblicato da roberto

Mazzarino (CL), Italy, november, 27th, 2009

International Conference “Peace is in our hands”

Mr. Mayor of Kermanshah, Mr. Mayor of Halabja, Mr. Mayor of Mazzarino, Mr. Mayors for Peace, Citizens,

At the Conference “Cities are not targets”, helded in Florence, in november 2007, in the historic “Salone dei Cinquecento”, the Mayors for Peace, leaded by the Mayor of Hiroshima Tadatoshi Akiba, addressed the international community to avoid that cities will never more considered targets of weapons of mass destruction. Accepting the proposal made by the Italian chapter of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, Peace Prized Nobel 1985 Organization, we participated at the United Nations, as members of the official delegation of Mayors for Peace, to the Preparation Commission for the Review Conference for the Not Proliferation Treaty. In that occasion we proposed, inside the “Good Faith Initiatives” wanted by the Mayor of Hiroshima, the Mediterranean as Nuclear Weapons Free Sea. The Italian and American decision to close the nuclear submarine base of La Maddalena Island represents a best occasion to talk about Mediterranean as Nuclear Weapons Free Sea, as first concrete step in the Disarmament Decade declared by the UN from 2010 to 2020, and in the 2020 Vision of Mayors for Peace.

The Mediterranean Sea, site of ancient civilizations, can and must, even for the story of mankind, be the first zone of the Planet to be made free by nuclear weapons, under the guide of the martyr cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and of the global movement of Mayors for Peace, by those wanted, built, developed and leaded, and that represents today the highest point of the Citizens’ Diplomacy, that must support the Nations’ Diplomacy to build perspectives of Peace and Disarmament, and together of Dialogue and Development between civilizations, and of Defense of the Planet and of the Nature.

Particularly, we propose that harbours, sea surfaces, waters and depths of the Mediterranean Sea will be forbidden to ships and submarines armed by nuclear weapons and that, where deployed, must be removed and forbidden for the future, each nuclear device from the sea surface, the sea waters and the sea depths.

We are convinced that an agreement to create the Mediterranean Nuclear Weapons Free Sea represents the project most quickly available, in the perspective of the development of Nuclear Weapons Free Zones both in Europe and in the Middle and Far East.

We should have helded in Italy, in our region, in our Adriatic territory, in occasion of the Mediterranean Sport Games of last June and July, the Mediterranean Meeting of Mayors for Peace, to officially launch in that site the proposal to create the Mediterranean Nuclear Weapons Free Sea, but the l’Aquila’s Earthquake avoided that.

Our municipalities, Pineto and Silvi, are contiguous. Our citizens are showing different political majorities, and have different opinions about political programs, but their two Mayors agreed to do their best, inside the “Good Faith Initiatives”, to guarantee, behind their different political opinions, inside the 2020 Vision of MfP, the first condition for the future and the health of our citizens: peace and nuclear disarmament, general, mutual and controlled.

So we are here today, accepting the most kind and most useful and opportune invitation sent by your Mayor, not only to launch from the hearth of the Mediterranean the proposal to create a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone, but also with the hope to move the Colleague Mayor of Kermanshah and all the Iranians Mayors for Peace to work in their country to avoid in his region another, most dangerous race to make new nuclear weapons, but on the contrary to make possible the starting from their own Country the proposal to free all the Middle East, other than the Mediterranean Sea, by nuclear weapons and each other weapon of mass destruction.

About the possibility to use the nuclear energy for civil purposes, to produce electric energy, the debate is opened in the world and even in our country, and to no country must be denied the possibility to self determinations in this sense, moreover (even with new global consciousness so well showed by the 2020 Vision by the Mayor of Hiroshima and by 3147 Mayors for Peace from all the Planet, the target to make the world free by all nuclear weapons in 2020), is most urgent and fundamental to remove all suspicions, confusion, shadows, inside the legal development by a nation and by a people to research and develop the nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, between civil and military use of this national technology.

Has happened yet dramatically, as well remembered recently and sadly in an exclusive interview given not for a case to an authoritative Italian newspaper by the General Director of the Agency for the Atomic Energy of the United Nations, the Peace Prize Nobel 2005 and Egyptian diplomatic Mohamed el Baradei, that to prevent the development of nuclear weapons by a State, even through false documents, was promoted a war against a nation and a people. That is why that must be suddenly removed every possible suspicion about the possible military use of uranium enriched by Iran.

Particularly, he has also said: “We made many progresses about the control of the program of enrichment in Iran. We are proceeding to new verifications to avoid that will be military purposes. Naturally must be made more, insist, reach absolute certainty.

Different foreign intelligences gave us documents about what is happening in Iran. Those are plans of study about nuclear weapons; but they show that those study are not been developed. After an hard and right work of screening the Agency suspects instead that some documents are false.”.

To avoid risks that all this put to the maintenance of peace, and also near the next change of El Baradei with a Japanese diplomatic to guide the Atomic Agency of the United Nations, the Italian Mayor of Pineto, the Italian Mayor of Silvi and the Italian President of IPPNW, Nobel Peace Prized 1985 Organization, from the hearth of Sicily and of the Mediterranean region, supported by the kind hospitality of the Mayors of this country, allow to invite the Mayor of Kermanshah and all the Iranian Mayors for Peace to move their government to accept the request, made to it by the Atomic Agency, to avoid each possible justification towards hostile actions towards their Nation and their People, to accept the international request to send abroad, towards a foreign and friend nuclear power State, the uranium to be enriched to produce Iranian nuclear energy for civil and peaceful purposes.

We allow ourselves furthermore to suggest to the Mayor of Kermanshah and to the Iranian Mayors for Peace to be supported towards this target by the whole global organization of Mayors for Peace, in the person of the Mayor of Hiroshima Tadatoshi Akiba, and to ask him personally this kind of support to You, to Your Cities, and to Your People.

Thank you for your attention

Luciano Monticelli, Mayor of Pineto,

Gaetano Vallescura, Mayor of Silvi,

Michele Di Paolantonio, President of IPPNW Italy,

Peace Prized Nobel 1985 Organization

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Peace is in our hands - Intervento di Michele Di Paolantonio - IPPNW

30 novembre 2009 Pubblicato da roberto

Mazzarino (CL), 27 novembre 2009
Conferenza Internazionale “Peace is in our hands”


dott. Michele Di Paolantonio, Presidente di IPPNW Italy,
Organizzazione Premio Nobel per la Pace 1985

Signori Sindaci per la Pace Iraniani, Iracheni e  Italiani, Autorità, Signore e Signori,
ho pensato di trattare l’argomento che segue nel tentativo di dare il contributo più proficuo ed utile possibile ai lavori di questa Conferenza Internazionale.
Siamo nel cuore del Mediterraneo, e nell’agenda del mondo è centrale il problema del nucleare iraniano. Voglio pertanto provare a dare lo stesso tipo di conoscenza che venticinque anni fa diedi ad Helsinki, ad un percorso di pace e disarmo nucleare che si sviluppò rapidamente qualche mese dopo, subito dopo che USA ed URSS, con l’incontro del 7 novembre 1985 di Reagan e Gorbaciov a Ginevra, si misero d’accordo, unicamente e rapidamente, su un unico punto: l’esistenza del concetto di Guerra Nucleare Non Intenzionale, cioé per errore tecnico o umano.
Dopo aver fondato la Sezione Italiana dell’Internazionale Medici per la Prevenzione della Guerra Nucleare (IPPNW), l’organizzazione costituita da tre eminenti medici sovietici e tre eminenti medici americani nel tentativo estremo di far dialogare USA ed URSS nel pieno dell’accelerazione della corsa alle armi nucleari e della guerra fredda, fui mandato a Londra, al più importante Centro di Strategia del mondo occidentale dalla mia università, l’Università degli Studi di Bologna, per sviluppare una tesi di specializzazione in Medicina Preventiva avente per oggetto il rischio nucleare militare che si era addensato sulla mia nazione e sul mio popolo a causa del dispiegamento, anche in Italia, e precisamente proprio qui, in Sicilia, a Comiso, degli euromissili nucleari americani Cruise, in risposta al dispiegamento verso l’Europa Occidentale degli euromissili nucleari sovietici SS20. Obiettivo di quella tesi era individuare il tipo di risposta piu efficace possibile per scongiurare quel rischio.
Appresi a Londra che la NATO, con sofisticatissimi strumenti di Elint, Electronic Intelligence, cioe di spionaggio elettronico, aveva appurato che aerei Mig sovietici, partendo da basi aeree libiche, e volando nello spazio aereo internazionale sul Canale di Sicilia, fotografavano palmo a palmo la Sicilia, per individuare selettivamente i gruppi Tel, Trasportatori Erettori Lanciatori, cioé i giganteschi camion militari americani dotati di rampe di lancio mobili per quattro missili nucleari Cruise ciascuno. A Comiso, infatti, giunsero, a partire dal 1983, 112 missili Cruise, dispiegati su 28 giganteschi Tel. Il tentativo sovietico consisteva nell’individuare con precisione ciascun camion per farlo poi colpire selettivamente da testate nucleari montate sui missili SS20, ma tale tentativo, appresi nel mio viaggio a Londra, fu vano, perché il tempo tecnico necessario per l’utilizzo dell’informazione, cioé il tempo intercorrente tra il momento dello scatto della foto aerea e l’arrivo del missile su quel punto, era di sei ore, per cui in sei ore il camion fotografato in quel luogo avrebbe potuto spostarsi in qualunque altra parte dell’isola. Mi spiegarono dunque a Londra che il tipo di attacco atteso sulla Sicilia in caso di scenario di guerra nucleare era determinato da quella che mi definirono (non lo dimenticherò mai più nella mia vita) “capacity of disabiliting” cioe la “capacita di disabilitazione” del sistema nucleare Cruise: un attacco nucleare a tappeto contro l’isola, con un numero di testate nucleari compreso tra 80 e 200, a seconda che fossero impiegate bombe termonucleari da un megatone o da 150 chilotoni, cioe bombe di diversa potenza. Debbo purtroppo ricordare che le più piccole, da 150 chilotoni, equivalevano ciascuna a circa dieci, e le più grandi, da un megatone, equivalevano ciascuna a circa ottanta bombe di Hiroshima. Solo in questo modo i sovietici, lanciando un terzo dei propri vettori SS20 sulla Sicilia, avrebbero annientato i 112 missili Cruise qui dislocati.
Ebbene, quando, nel giugno 1984, ad Helsinki, presentai la mia tesi e le sue conclusioni nel workshop sulle strategie di prevenzione della guerra nucleare, al IV Congresso Mondiale dell’IPPNW, accadde una cosa straordinaria: tutta la discussione si sviluppò sulla mia tesi. Oltre a queste informazioni, tutti i partecipanti furono colpiti da qualcos’altro, molto più preoccupante, che avevo trovato e che illustrai: il concetto di Guerra Nucleare Non Intenzionale.
Ero riuscito infatti a sapere che il 4 giugno 1980 la guerra nucleare era iniziata e finita in 15 minuti senza il lancio dei missili, quando al Comando Generale della Difesa degli Stati Uniti, il NORAD, il computer principale aveva dato in arrivo un attacco balistico intercontinentale dall’Unione Sovietica. Gli uomini del NORAD ebbero bisogno di quindici minuti per scoprire l’errore. Se quello stesso errore fosse avvenuto in Europa, dove un euromissile sovietico SS2O o americano Pershing II impiegavano anche solo dodici minuti dal lancio per colpire un obiettivo la guerra nucleare sarebbe iniziata anche per un errore. Tra coloro che mi ascoltavano c’era anche un grande uomo: Pavel Palachenko, cioé colui che nei mesi seguenti fu scelto da Reagan e Gorbaciov come loro interprete unico nei loro colloqui che li portò in due anni ad accordarsi per smantellare i missili nucleari a raggio intermedio dall’Europa. Dopo Helsinki ed il nostro workshop, e dopo la comune accettazione del concetto di Guerra Nucleare Non Intenzionale nel protocollo tecnico di intesa del Summit Reagan-Gorbaciov, interpretato da Pavel, del 7 novembre 1985 a Ginevra, fu proprio il sottoscritto a dare il 12 dicembre 1985, ad Oslo, all’ambasciatore italiano in Norvegia, in occasione della mia partecipazione alla cerimonia di conferimento del Premio Nobel per la Pace 1985, notizia su tale protocollo. Rividi poi Pavel a Mosca, a fine maggio 1987, in occasione del Congresso Mondiale dell’IPPNW, due giorni prima che Reagan e Gorbaciov firmassero il Trattato INF sulle Armi Nucleari Intermedie, che smantellò anche i Cruise dalla Sicilia, e ci salutammo calorosamente. Ma il piacere e l’orgoglio più grandi li ho provati a Roma, al IV Summit Mondiale dei Premi Nobel per la Pace, nel novembre 2003, quando, incontrato di nuovo Pavel, al fianco di Gorbaciov, di cui è oggi Consigliere Speciale, dopo oltre quindici anni da allora, ho potuto constatare e verificare con gioia che ricordava benissimo il lavoro fatto ad Helsinki insieme nel giugno 1984, prima del Nobel per la Pace alla mia organizzazione, e prima dello smantellamento dei missili nucleari a raggio intermedio dall’Europa.
Vi ho raccontato, carissimi amici, questa esperienza personale, nella speranza che possa esservi utile a far compiere alle vostre città, ai vostri cittadini, al vostro governo, alla vostra nazione, quelle stesse scelte sagge e lungimiranti che si fecero nel 1987 in Europa smantellando gli euromissili. Oggi non è possibile il perseguimento di nuovi arsenali nucleari, anche se è un diritto di ogni nazione cercare di sviluppare energia dal nucleare civile. Di fronte all’allarme che esiste nel mondo contro nuove proliferazioni nucleari l’orgoglio nazionale di un governo o di un popolo debbono cedere il passo alla saggezza ed alla prudenza di un buon padre di famiglia, quale ciascun Sindaco, in tutto il mondo, dovrebbe essere.

Buon lavoro, carissimi Sindaci per la Pace Iraniani, con l’augurio che possiate raccontare il vostro successo, per il vostro Paese e per il mondo, nella difesa della pace, della non proliferazione nucleare, e della soluzione della crisi internazionale in atto sul nucleare dell’Iran al prossimo Congresso Mondiale dell’Internazionale Medici per la Prevenzione della Guerra Nucleare, che terremo in Svizzera, a Basilea, nell’agosto prossimo. “Peace is in our hands”, la Pace è nelle nostre mani.

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